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March 9, 2012

The Clark State Forest


I don't have words.  It looks like a bomb went off and flattened the forestry.  There is "no repairing" this.  It will take a lifetime to regrow this six mile swath of destruction.  What will it mean to distance riding as we know it in INDIANA?

Trying so hard to look ahead, be forward thinking...but WOW (in a bad way) doesn't even begin to encompass this.


  1. Man, that is insane. I wish I lived closer to help with the cleanup. I can't believe we're going to be able to have many, if any rides there anytime soon. It will be 50 years before that ever looks the same again, if it even ever can.

    Does anyone know if Bill and his house/horses/property are okay?

  2. Bills farm was missed narrowly. The Jackson road, Knobstone Trail, Pekin, and Mountain Grove loops suffered near total destruction. These are THE TRAILS for the LD's and Endurance rides. Park rangers say 50-100 years for the worst hit areas to recover. So endurance as we have known it there is over. The question is will they center rides and launch off of other areas in the park system? Will they move rides to Corydon? Midwest? Or will they pack it in and say they are done? Those nice women who put on the rides are a tough awesome bunch. But staging out of Bill's place made things easier I'm sure than all the hoops to jump through for one of the park systems.

  3. Oh, and there will be no clean up. The DNR is posting trail closure signs. It is such a jumbled disaster that none of the cleanup groups were allowed in and probably won't be. I don't think there are any plans for the DNR to clean it up at this point. If I find out that has changed I'll post up work days.