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March 30, 2012

I'm going to try a wool pad

Don't get me wrong...I love my SKITO pads.  Always have, and probably always will.  Both pads are getting some wear on them, and though they still launder up, are beginning after seven years of use and a few thousand miles (really) to pill up over the loin area.  This most likely the result of riding a brushed out, but dirty winter horse.  Why am I not re-ordering a new SKITO?  Well....I inquired about a new cover with no inserts as I have two sets of inserts, and the price was outside of my comfort zone. Nearly double the price of Toklat Woolback which will also take the inserts and is 100% wool.  The SKITO pads are great, long-wearing saddle pads, but they and many saddle pad makers, are pricing the little average Joe (or Jacke in my case) out. Yes, I could buy it.  But I could not buy it without "guilt." This makes me a little sad, but a lot of riders use an all wool pad and speak highly of them.  Journey is very sensitive to what is on her back.  She does better in the winter when she has thick winter fur, but as she sheds out her fur is so extremely thin and fine that she's nearly naked.  Then the problems begin with skin irritation and soreness, and I can't afford a sore back at this point in our process.  I know I've read that some of the distance riders who ride very long distances use all wool with success, so I'm getting one from the Distance Depot.

Crossing my fingers that it will work for her. ~E.G.

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