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February 18, 2012

Finally a weekend worth riding!

We definitely aren't breaking any speed barriers.  Journey has not yet found her "go."  I have yet to determine if she actually has enough go to stick past 10-12 miles.  The plan this morning was to haul to the park.  Had horse loaded and on the road, and that dreaded sound..."thump...thump...thump thump thump."  So glad it happened within three miles of home.  The tire had enough in it to limp home at 20 mph.  It had cast off the rubber and was running on the inside belted thing.   So had to resort to plan B while LSEGH went out in search of a new tire to fit the trailer.  In the meantime we've decided that the tires though very low mileage have dry rot on the passenger side, the other two having already been replaced.  To just casually look at them they look okay, but on close inspection not.  So a reminder to look over your trailer tires.  Low mileage doesn't mean squat if your trailer lives outdoors as our's does.  So! we segue to plan B as it was going to take too long to drive for a tire, replace it, drive back, haul out, ride the miles, and come home.  So it was a home ride.  Rode the hill side first, and then added enough on the woodland trails to tweak us up to ten miles.  Journey has yet to eat or drink post ride.  Her pulse down today was pretty slow...I'd say almost 15 minutes as she was screaming her head off for Phebes and dancing on the backside of the trailer.  Not good for bringing down pulse.  I'm not entirely sure this little Appy will be ready for an LD by summer...maybe by FALL?  This process is akin to watching winter grass grow.  On the bright side today I discovered if we do the hill section first, and the woodland trails second I don't have the behavioral issues of a very fresh horse acting silly.  So in future I'll run my loop the opposite of what I've been doing.  Same mileage but a better outcome.

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