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February 17, 2012

CREW BAG: Initial review

Tough-1 Tough 1 Hay Tote Gear Bag- BlackThe Tough-1 gear bag arrived today.    It was much roomier than I expected.  I folded up a horse blanket in one compartment and had room to spare.  There is a side pocket that will hold a hoof boot, zipper compartments where I can stow vet wrap, scraper, hoof pick and a brush, a pocket for a nice fat flake of hay, and honestly room for a change of clothes if I want to.  The bag itself is very light weight with shoulder carry straps.  The zippers could be better, but then you wouldn't be getting that price.  I figure if they become an issue I'll put velcro tabs on, but I'll leave judgement out on the zippers until I've used the bag for a while.   Our's is royal blue as I thought it would make it easier to spot in the case of an "away" check which I've only had one of thus far ever.  My real purpose for it is just getting everything assembled easily in one spot neatly.   For the price? $28.52...(at one online store) I'd say worth it.   ~E.G.

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