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February 11, 2012

Back into the deep freeze today

I believe our low today was 15 degrees, kind of windy, so feeling much colder.  We are on down time again.  Journey has had a few days off, some extra low-starch feed (about an extra 2 1/2 pounds per day), and more hay,  she looks filled back out.  Pretty sure at this point that some of that tucked up look was fluid she sweated out.  I seem to be cursed blessed with heavily sweating, full of angst type mares.   She isn't as bad in that department as Phebes was, does drink out on trail which helps, but I've noticed that a ten mile ride really makes for a thinner looking horse when we get back.   I'm having some doubts about an April or May start for her.   She still seems so unsettled, and in dicey situations she doesn't look to me (at least for long) for leadership.  I don't want Journey sucked up into my desire to get on with it.  We move a bit forward, and then we have a little crisis of sorts, fall backwards, and recoup.  With Phebes it was easy to gauge her fears, as it was basically EVERYTHING (rock, stick, sounds, smells, you name it, it scared the hell out of her).  We eventually overcame a large portion of that, but it took a couple of years.  Journey?  She is different.  The trail doesn't bother her at all, she will step off a steep bank and slide down into the water, cross logs, go through the brush, all that is really good.  It is the unseen that really gets her.  The wing flapping in the brush, or the rustle of an animal, or another horse coming up quickly from behind, those things totally unravel her.  The scent of a dead animal gets her highly "on alert."  We will take it as it comes I reckon.

I bought her a pretty purple blanket / cooler today.   Sewed a snap onto the chest area.  If my gear bag ever shows up it will go in there.  As an FYI if you order one of those DO NOT ORDER GREEN.  It is discontinued and your order will get bogged down for ever.  Hope all are having a great weekend!

p.s.  Monk and Lyndsay Graham finished the  President's Cup in Abu Dhabi. Ride time of 8:53.  Only about a third of the horses entered actually finished this desert ride.  The US riders finished :)


  1. Where did you hear about Monk finishing the ride? There's nothing on his website and I'd love to read about it!

  2. Facebook & there was something on Ridecamp I think.