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January 13, 2012

Crosspost on MONK

MONK goes to Abu Dhabi....

 Invitation for the H.H President of United Arab Emirates CupFEI CEI 3 ¶160Km, in Abu Dhabi on 11th February 2012

We received the invitation last Friday which was the 6th..  We had until Sunday to decide if we would accept or not.  The invitation said that horses would ship out of New York.  We did a accept with the condition that MONK would be shipped out of the West Coast.  Today we got a email giving a possible itinerary shipping out of LA on the 2nd and arriving in the UAE on the 4th, with stops and short layovers in Chicago, KY....

The invitation is for the topped ranked riders on the ranking list who have not been invited before. The invitation is for two horse and rider teams, plus one groom per horse.

Luckily MONK is in excellent condition.  We are headed for Reno this weekend where he will have 3 days of sand work.  Just some easy work along the shores of Lake Washoe...

Needless to say we are very excited at this opportunity and will keep holding our breath until we are on the plane.

See you in Abu Dhabi........   


And the MONK fan goes crazy!!!  Just don't sell him  Chris... Go MONK !☺

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