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December 5, 2011

RAIN (all caps kind of rain)

A much better way to put it would be DELUGE, WATER-LOGGED, M-E-S-S.

Journey has made it her life vocation that Phebes not have shelter from wind, or rain, sleet, or snow.  Phebes was shivering this afternoon from standing out in the cold downpour for hours.  Better to be in a stall than shivering in the cold rain.  I feel so bad for Phebes...the other two horses claim the shelter, and won't let her in.  Phebes has never known this type of life, as she always was the dominant mare until the advent of Journey.  LSEGH says it is KARMA.  It causes me intense worry.

The ground water was starting to leach up into Journey's stall.  So I was out digging in the slopping mud trying to get the water to channel away from the stall, but it is probably futile.  I expect to be baling water tomorrow, as the ground is fully saturated and water is standing.  In the horse lot I sank up to my calves in wet gloppy muck.  We seem to go through this every year, usually in the early spring.  Then I go into denial...after shoveling out ditches, in hopes that it won't happen again.  Right... and I have some ocean front property I'll sell you here cheap!

I don't know how much rain we got today, but the downpour never stopped...not once.

And just because: ZEBRA!

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