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December 3, 2011

I've had a few people inquire about joining the BBBDR as late entries.

The deadline for entry was November 30th.  Unless a majority of riders say they don't mind some late joiners...otherwise, come find us next year, we'd be happy to have you participate.

Another idea for someone who likes to blog, is to put up a sister blog, try to get the same number of riders we have, and compete your group against our group.  Now that would be fun....I'd have to throw my hat in the ring for that one.  Christine?  You up for that?  I think we have fifteen signed up to compete.

How about Endurance Granny's BBBDR vs. Any Ass Can Do Endurance BBBDR2?  You can steal our rules or whatever you need from the BBBDR.  I'll add my miles on the bloggers vs bloggers competition only?  But you all would be in charge of your own prizes?

Think about it!

~ E.G.

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