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November 4, 2011

Trailer Loading: Session # 2

My husband is off today which gave me an extra set of hands which was very helpful.  Same procedure as Session # 1 Get on the trailer and stand still  and life is good.  Hustle out of the trailer and you get some sweat equity.  I quickly needed a bottle of water as it involves at least a little sweat equity for me too to direct and drive rollbacks on the lunge line. Must say she can be quite coordinated and handy with her feet when the adrenaline engages, but did not take long to settle in mentally that these energetic changes of direction were not a whole lot of fun.  Session # 2 ended with her being clipped to the trailer on rope with a quick release knot and the divider closed.  She was left to stand there awhile, and stroked and scratched on her itchies.  She had a nice hay bag but did not feel relaxed enough to engage with eating.

Then I had to unload her and it took physical "force" to step her off the trailer.  So the little "Appy" brain understands, and is now about to out-think me.  My spotted wonder is very smart.  She's gonna train me yet! ~ E.G.

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  1. I once had an old cowboy friend tell me "The reason the Indians rode Appaloosas was so they would be good and mad by the time they went into battle."

    I don't think he enjoyed a smart horse.