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November 15, 2011

Karen Chaton is doing a series on her blog: Endurance Horse Training Basics

Endurance Horse Training

If you don't know who she is....well!  You better be checkin' because this gal has a bazillion endurance miles and  a couple of career horses that will blow you away.   If I understand it correctly she is doing this series on what a horse needs to know before they start at endurance.   I wish that prior to starting Phebes I'd have had the chance to read this series.  It might have saved me having to learn so much the hard way.  But my bifocals are are all shined up now and the ink jet printer is primed and ready, this stuff is going in a binder and will become my "BOOK OF ENDURANCE".   I may laminate it (kidding, but only a little bit).  If there is an endurance rider out there that I admire, this lady is it.  If you get a chance to...keep up on this new series.  Especially if you are starting this process new, or starting a new horse towards the sport.

Now I'm going to take a few calming breaths (because I am that excited!).  ~ E.G.

P.S.  I've had two new people contact me in the past two months wanting to try endurance riding and they are from Indiana.  I'm hoping I can help them into the sport.  Judy is wanting to do some slow training rides at Clark and a pastor and his wife have inquired about Indiana rides, and I'm cheering them on.

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