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November 18, 2011

The Big Bad Blogger's Distance Race

The start date on TBBBDR is December 1st.   If you plan to participate you need to keep your ride tally on the The Big Bad Blogger's Distance Race blog.  You will keep a record of your ride total on your section by posting totals under the ride comments section.  Just find your name put in your last total/ new total.

Single horse: Cavalry
For instance:  you could note that December 1st  I rode 20 miles.   My last total was 0 miles/ my new total is 20 miles.
Next time:    December 5th I rode 10 miles.  My last total was 20 miles/ and my new total is 30 miles.

Multiple horses: Pioneer
You will note your ride mileage the same way, but put the horses name along with the miles ridden.

Please don't post to other's blog sections for my personal sanity *lol*!

Just keep the format simple to understand.  It might be good to keep a paper copy of your miles in case something happens to blogger.  Please either GPS your miles, or ride a course that has been previously mapped for distance.  Be honest, and have fun.  It will be interesting to see what the year ends with as riders accumulate mileage.  We have been promised a small prize from Nutrena, one from Trailwise Tack, and another from Moss Rock Endurance (thank you sponsors).  One of our competitors  has offered up a lovely horse hair bracelet, and I will contribute a mystery prize/or a trophy yet to be decided for the year end winner in each category.  It's just for fun, and we ride these horses anyway, so just keep track of your miles.   Bloggers cannot enter after the start on December 1st.  To join the race you must be a blogger, and ride a horse, and in no way be deemed a "professional" (seeking income in any sort of way from the sport or eligible for year big year end points awards) distance rider (hobby riders, novice riders, have at it), and you have to play nice!   This year the honor system rules...if we do it again next year it will be done with GPS/ Google mapping for each ride.  We'll see how that goes! And I might even join the passing year 2 to another blogger as host ☺

I of course am exempt from this year's competition.  Have fun!  ~ E.G.


  1. Do these miles have to be mounted? Or could a person start their ride leading their horse for a bit and then mount up?

    I'm drawing out my little network of trails again, going to ask my husband to use the mileage meter on the atv so I'll know actual distances. Looking forward to keeping track!

  2. Butt in the saddle miles. Of course if someone got off and walked little in the process of that or whatever, no worries.