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September 4, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Overnight we had thunderstorms and some much needed rain on this very dry and crunchy landscape.  There has been no second cutting of hay, and vegetable gardens without an irrigation option pretty much bellied up (or should I say shriveled up).  We definitely need the rain.  This morning it was microtrimming and hoof boot fitting again, some more of the heel flare removed, a tighter mustang roll, and the size 0's (regular) are very close to fitting.  I think if I added some sport tape for a little extra bite we'd be okay at the walk or trot, but not sure what would happen at the canter or how bad she'd freak if we had a strapped on booting malfunction.  Also I have three size 0 boots which is rather inconvenient.  Will have to get ahold of the place I purchased the wides and see about getting an exchange on some more regular 0's  so I'll have a new set all the way around, and that will leave me three spare boots.  Over time this horse is going to end up an 00.5 I'd almost bet on it.

We went out for a short trail ride this morning and got caught in a thunderstorm.  It was a good experience for Journey.  She hates storms, hates the rain, and she had to listen to me regardless.  I had to pour the water out of my boots when I got home I was so soaked.  We also came upon a loose horse during our ride and Journey was very "up" about that.  Thankfully the horse spotted us and headed the opposite direction!  Journey was poised for action and I doubt it was the action I wanted!  She also has a learning curve as to traveling in boots.  The hillsides were very slick. 

Not sure what the weather will bring me tomorrow, but would like to get some more horse time if at all possible.  ~ E.G.

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  1. Have you tried Renegade boots? Fit isn't so critical for those--and they are the ONLY boots that will stay on my mare. Just a thought....