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September 3, 2011

And the Glove O Wides (just stick your fingers in your ears and go la la la la la)

Nor do the 0 wides fit.  They kind of gap on the front wall, and no V spread at all.  Based on her measurements they really should have.


My O regulars "almost fit", on the walls better except the R front, but again no V spread.

The Epic O's fit her pretty darned good, but I can't get them on or off, not enough hand strength.

My husband thinks she will transition into the O's to fit in another six months of trimming cycles.

I'm to the point that Endurance Granny is more like Schooling Granny because that is about all I get to do between handicapped Phebes and tender footed Journey.  I know...I'm having a serious pity party, but seriously, can't I get a break?  Can't the magic AERC FAIRY come sprinkle dust around here and make it all a happy place again? It is probably just as well that the AERC FAIRY did not show up in my present mood as I'd likely lasso the thing and drag it behind Phebes screaming "SEE!  SEE HOW IT FEELS!"  I'd drag it until it was bloody and then let Phebes give it a good stomping just for the heck of it.   Skin it and braid the leather into reins...yeah....that would feel GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Okay.  I've vented all my not so incredible awesomeness.

I worked Journey today on her ground stuff, then saddled up and worked the same exercises using the reins and the stirrup.  She is more responsive that way for some reason, maybe the hack nose band gives her a bit more feel.  Once she was sweated up I untacked her, and caught Phebes.  I was working on the sitting trot.  She has been picking up a nice sitting trot lately which was something I always wanted but she just was so hyper she'd pull and go faster and faster and faster.  Since we have no place TO go now she seems to have chilled out somewhat.  So I cue her into the soft trot and it is going just great, in fact so good I couldn't have made it any better.  BLAM! The neighbor decises to fire off his shot gun, just for the heck of it.  She nearly scoots out from under me and that is the end of that.  She wants no more to do with schooling up there, she wants out of dodge.   So the next ten minutes or so is to work her out of that and we start weaving cones   BLAM!  he does it again.   Another ten minutes to work through that trauma.  We go to the board pivot obstacle and are making a really nice circle BLAM!  I can't really say here what I said then and keep this thing PG 13.  On the bright side she had some desensitizing to loud noises.  He tends to do this anytime I go up there to work my horse.  I really think he does it on PURPOSE.  But there isn't anything I can do about as he's a mean drunk and it would end up coming down on my horses. 

I don't suppose anybody out west would like to adopt a live in housekeeper (who isn't really a good housekeeper because I'd rather ride the horses) with full room and board for me and  my equine friends?  I'm very cute when I smile....I have squinty little eyes and chipmunk cheeks .  I cook a mean potato hash, and a heavenly coconut cream pie.  Well, it was worth a try.

~ E.G.


  1. Sure...I'd take you in. We have a spare guest room even. And I love coconut cream pie and I'm not a great cook and would rather be outside with my animals and riding, too.
    But you'd have to deal with my 3 kids who would talk your ear off and beg you to play video games with them. Oh and cats. 3 of them. And dogs. 2 of them. And chickens, and llamas and goats. Well you get the picture. It's a zoo around here.

    But the closest we have any guns going off is about 5 miles away at the SASS Mounted Shooting Founders ranch. Sounds like muffled popcorn popping from here. Horses aren't fazed in the slightest.


  2. I'd love to see pics of Journey's feet - from the front at ground level, especially. It kinda sounds like they're flared?

    Your neighbor sucks, but it really is good desensitization. I dunno about Indiana, but in Nevada you really never know when you're going to run into target shooters. They're always polite - it's just getting to where they can see you and stop shooting, then getting far enough away before they start again. A gun-safe horse is a good thing!