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August 24, 2011

A Side Path for Journey

I've made some really good progress with the little spotted wonder in the six or eight weeks she has been here.  We have conquered buddy sour and barn sour to the point is pretty much a non-issue.  We've progressed on standing still "most of the time".  In some areas she respects my personal bubble of space, but for unbridling she is a little beast!  We have took to the road and she has done very well with this with the exception of the cow incident, which snuck up behind her.  I'm happy with Journey, she is a silly girl, and hasn't a mean bone in her body (except for when it comes to Phebes and that is actually okay).

Journey also has some of the behavioral flaws that Phebes had.  Not in the magnitude Phebes has, but she can be pretty explosive if truly frightened.  She also will not rate if another horse runs off ahead or past her, sound familiar?  So we are putting the skids on any more group riding for the moment, and will back track into clinics and lessons for at least the next six months (or however long it takes us) as I want from her those things I never got with Phebes which are my weakness in training.  I'm pretty good at starting horses, but some of the areas of refining a horse though my intention is good, my method (and level of frustration)  falls short .   It boils down to if I get the method down pat, I can do it.  However I do not profess to being an expert AT ALL. 

Journey will be taking a side path for awhile.  Thanks to my friend Lida I found a clinician close to home that appears to very competent,  and offers clinics and lessons.  I've emailed her and hope to get a training program worked out for Journey that patch up the holes I see in her training and make her not only a good little ole horse (which she is) but rather, a great horse.  It just makes sense to set aside my goals for now in order to not repeat the mistakes I made with Phebes.  The last thing I want is another race-brained frantic horse.  Journey's temperment is much closer to the goal, so the training can only push us towards the ultimate goal.   I hope to hear back from her and start something as soon as Journey's back irritation is totally cleared up.  Further, what I learn working with Journey I'll shadow here at home with Phebes, with Phebes' goals in mind. 

So I'm on hiatus for all things endurance until sometime in 2012.

On our agenda here is construction of obstacles for ACTHA. (Phebes)

Lessons, clinics. (Journey)


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  1. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in rethinking your goals. I will be slowing down and enjoying my new horse as well. I had hoped to do some LD's, but I think I will focus on the little stuff for now. He too needs to learn things like side pass and collection. Endurance is going anywhere. It will be there when "we" are ready.