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August 21, 2011

Quix Shoe

Ingenious idea!!!  A custom molded boot for EVERY hoof.    LOVE THIS IDEA.  I hope that easycare looks at it and comes up with something similar for custom fitting every hoof boots.  The mold could have their custom traction on the bottom....OH I CAN SEE IT NOW!


  1. That does not look quick to me. And I question what these adhesives do to the hoof over time, and even on removal, as it looks to be taking a bit of the wall too... Interesting, but sure not anything I'm sold on

  2. Here's what I see when I look at this.

    Apply a lubricant such as PAM to the hoof, apply the boot mold, fill the mold to a custom boot, let it set up, and you have a custom fitting boot for that hoof. It could be glued on, it could have gaiters applied (if the mold was made that way), and there would be no question of fitting it, the boot would be a perfect fit. You see your boots are getting worn? Mold a new one. Actually I can see this as a complete business model for a natural hoof care practioner to come out, trim, and pop you out four custom boots, with the gaiters applied.

    Right now I need boots SO DARNED BAD!

  3. Still not sure about having these chemicals stick to the hoof. If you are making a boot in advance, that you are going to have on hand to apply later, you will still have to figure attachment. And that material would have to be tough like current hoof boots to use a strap or gaiter attachment. Or, back to glue on method...

    Not sure if anyone is doing longer term studies on current glue on application and what it is doing to the integrity of the hoof.

    To me (my opinion only) some get so focused on the whole barefoot / boot thing, feeling this is SO much better and more healthy for the hoof that shoes, they are maybe missing that some of their methods are doing damage in different ways.

    I sent the link to these to my farrier, and it will be interesting to see what he thinks. I suspect we will see more companies offering this type of product though.