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August 21, 2011

I'm switching Journey back into the Crestridge

The Abetta fits "me" so well.  It is light, and with my muscle issues so much easier to tack my horse up.  BUT...  Journey is being plagued by back problems.  She continues to have the skin get inflamed under the skirt of it, and each time we are out of commission for a couple of days, then we do it again.  I've tried switching out pads, and no matter, sore back.  Yesterday I finally had the light bulb idea to put the saddle on her back without any pad what-so-ever, look, and try to analyze the problem.  I was mortified...the tree is wide at the shoulder, bottoming out at the back, and just a really crummy fit for her.  Even the skirt is too long for her short back. 

So I dragged out the old faithful Crestridge (all 25 lbs. of it) and repeated the procedure.  The result was the Crestridge was actually a reasonably good fit.  So here I go again.  I'm just going to ride the thing.  I keep having to come back to it, and I could have taken a year off to ride for what I've invested in saddles over the past five years.  May try the Abetta on Phebes bare-backed...maybe it will fit her much rounder shape (she currently looks like a donut hole she's so round). 

My hoof boots are in route.   I hope I can break my trend and have those fit at least so I can actually RIDE THE HORSE.  I know if something doesn't break for me soon, I may become "some other" kind of granny 'cause I'm about over it...been banging my head on the same concrete block for a long time now.  Maybe KARMA is just telling me to give up, and wave the white flag of surrender.

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  1. Oh no! You've done so well for so long - you're only seeing the big setbacks and the current problems. Hang in there!