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August 29, 2011

Boot Fitting or rather boots not fitting

The 0.5 easyboot glove W's came last week.  I just finally got around to trying to fit them yesterday evening.  The popped right on, but no spread in the V.  I'm going to have to get a return authorization and opt for size 0 wides.  Phebes 0's fit her good except they are too long in the toe, so the snubbier version in the 0's should do it.  If not?  I'll be pretty much out of easyboot options unless I want to get back to using Epics which I don't really...hate the cable & wire ordeal.  So just crossing my fingers on the 0's as a 00 in any boot would be too narrow. 

An interesting side note is that when she got here none of the boots would go on because her toe was so long and her heel a under-run.  In fact both still are a little bit, but they have changed enough that a size 0 boot is now a better fit, so she has went down two sizes by eliminating flare, and gradually working back the toe.  She also has quit stumbling.  Now if hoof wall thickness would improve we'd have a decent hoof.  She continues thin walled, and thin soled.  Hence, the need for boots.

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