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July 1, 2011

Thank you Trailwise Tack I think we have a winner with the Euro

The size 16 Euro arrived today.  Smaller tree,  bigger seat, and it fit Journey pretty darned good with no shimming!  I believe I could tweak it a little, but with the Skito under it I believe it is gonna fit her fine.  Now as to fitting me?  The result on that is we'll have to see, but I did some arena work this afternoon and I felt completely different in this saddle than I did the other.  Felt like I was "in the pocket" like my Crestridge feels and the 15 inch did NOT.  So I'm really thinking this is going to do the trick! 

***Bonus Points:  The mahogany color is an EXACT match for Journey's spots.  It looks really good on her.  I was actually surprised that I like the color, and in fact, might like it as well as black.

Tomorrow I may see if I can have surgery done on my woolback Skito.  The flaps on it were cut for an over-size english dressage shaped pad (Barefoot London?).  So I may cut down the flaps to be shorter and shaped to the saddle flaps and hem them on the machine or see if my saddle guy can put a hem stitch with his machine.

Dirty stalls calling my name to be cleaned and it is sultry out...


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  1. Would love to see pictures of your new girl with her new saddle.