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July 1, 2011

Launching a sister blog

I'm launching a sister blog to ~Endurance Granny called Indiana Endurance Rides which will be linked in the top right corner of this blog.  Newbies sometimes have trouble ferreting out all the needed information, and I'm hoping by supplying a link and as much info as I can gather on a ride that it will become a one stop place for those wanting to try out an Indiana ride, or consider coming from out of state.  Finding ride information is sort of convoluted at times.  Some info on the AERC site, some over at OAATS, and then emailing a ride mgr for an entry form.  Experienced people know where to go, and who to contact to get the job done.  Those not, it can lead to a series of emails or phone calls.  I'd rather find a solution than gripe about it to already overworked ride managers (of whom I'm most grateful for).  The first ride listed is the Spook Run in October.  Via internet I was not able to find the address to ridecamp, a ride flyer, or the fee's associated with going.  So I can that info be easily brought together?  So I have blogged what I could find, and have put up ride mgr. information so prospective riders can ask for an entry form/ and fee information.  Not a perfect solution, but at least supplying what information I can, and getting them pointed to the right direction.  It would be great if I can collect all the pertinent information to support the informational blog year round on a ride by ride basis.

Anyone having more information on the ride (such as links to entry form and such) , please feel free to post into the comment section and I'll add it to the blog entry. ~ E.G.

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