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July 16, 2011

Royal ride.

The Royal Spotted One was tacked up early this morning to beat most of the heat.  She did five hilly miles, and then five flat to rolling.  Utilized all three gaits.  Drank water once real well halfway.   She still thinks she should melt down when her ride buddy leaves her.  Guess what?  NOT.  I had my daughter just gallop away several times today and insisted Journey w-a-l-k or go another direction.   I love her little motor, she's just a lot of fun to ride.  We did a little bit of road work today, single track, double, some rock, but mostly packed dirt trail. Mixing up the gaits a lot.   When cantering with another horse she does get a bit race brained, so I need to work on that some more.  Our first gallop of the day was a little hairy as it was meant to be a leisurely canter and turned into a run away.  I got her back though and insisted on a little more control from that point on, and she was getting the idea that she can canter vs. gallop like a lion's on your tail.

Honestly, with the heat and humidity I've not been real ride inspired.  Have a lot up in the air waiting for various gear to come in that will fit her better than Phebes stuff.  I don't like adjusting bridles each ride, so wanted bridle, breast collar, that will fit her so I can grab it and go instead of fitting between the two horses all the time.   I believe the only thing we don't have yet is some sport boots which would have been good to have had today.  She bumped the scab on her leg and knocked it loose stepping over a downed log.  When she gets tired she doesn't pick up her feet as well as she should when going over things.  Perhaps if we did some trotting over poles it would strengthen that muscle group?

Looks like the Wintec is going to get sold which will free up some cash for some of her stuff.  Maybe we can order a set of sport boots all the way around. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.  ~ E.G.

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  1. Hey Endurance Granny, I just saw your post about name/number recognition in Funder's blog, have you looked up Dyscalculia? It's like dyslexia, but applies to names/numbers rather than words. Here's a good site about it: Thought you might like to know.

    I look forward to reading through your blog! I've waffled back and forth on wanting to try out endurance riding, now that I have a horse of my own (the most clever Arab girl ever) I might actually take it up!