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July 19, 2011

My Mo-Jo

I don't know "what" is wrong with me.  My drive, my focus, my mo-jo...seems to have evaporated with Phebe's tie-up.  It is like a concrete wall has been set in front of me and I try to step forward only to smack into the concrete.  My motivation is seriously lacking.  SERIOUSLY.

There are so many things, mostly little stuff, that need to be resolved before Journey can attempt a ride.  I've been hammering at getting her gear ready and am stalled until we get her front booted.  The simple solution would be to have her shod on front, but her walls are thin, and I would then compromise the hoof wall thickness I'm wanting to build.  So boots  or the lack there of are a real barrier at the moment.   Many micro training issues to sort through.  Most of those will come with time, the "biggy" being her herd bound, buddy sour, don't leave me on the trail syndrome.   I've got at least half of that corrected now that she can leave the barn and horses at home without any major melt-downs.  Now I have to work that through out on the trail with other horses.  I had my daughter ride off a few times last week and that resulted in high headedness, rearing attempt, bucking attempt, and a very "up" horse.  I wasn't fearful at any time as she is testing, but also has a lazy streak that once corrected a few times she doesn't find the behavior worth it.  So I'm going to ask Holly if she will go to the park with me and play leap frog for an hour or two.  For my sake, I'd like the humidity to break first (may I interject that Funder has NICE weather).


  1. You will be heartbroken to know that they expect temps to creep up into the 90s next week. ;)

    Sometimes I flounder too - I just seem to hit a lull on the endless "what do I do next" list. I've tried taking a break, and I've tried just slogging through, and they both work equally well for me. Just keep chipping away at the wall and one day your mojo will come back. :)

  2. What's the hurry?

    Competition is fun, but it's not the only fun thing in the world.

    My suggestion: relax, spend some time with this new horse, let her get to know you and your expectations. Maybe take her to an event but don't compete...just let her hang out in camp and work on her micro-issues there for a few days. Then come home and see what you see.

    Even better: take her to an event that is COMPLETELY NON-ENDURANCE RELATED, and play around with her there. A poker ride, a game day, or whatever you can find.

    Remember: if you have one eye on the destination, you only have one eye available for the journey.

  3. I like Journey a lot. We've just not developed the "I'm gonna die if I can't ride this horse" syndrome that I had for Phebes. I feel like I want to go saddle up my Phebes, ya know? My little evil turd who is getting so FAT doing nothing and now runs the opposite direction when she sees me in riding boots.

    Journey does indeed have some faults but nothing that seems like a deal-breaker. She is ridiculously (seriously) funny to ride. Nearly everything about her makes you inclined to giggle. The self-imposed one rein, neck things because she thinks she'll get a cookie, the bedtime peppermint, the curl my tail sideways so you can scratch while looking at my ugly you know what! Her tinker toy trot, and bunny hop canter. Her bizarre reverse polka-dots on curly ears, and wild coloration. The horse is a hoot...yet I want to drop my head onto a wooden desk like Charlie Brown :/

    And shuffle off to the nearest Psychiatrist...OH! That's right! I WORK FOR A PSYCHIATRIST. *LOL*

    Just send me a case of Mo-jo. K?

    It is definitely ME.

    Maybe the heat and humidity which makes everything hard including walking out to fill the water tank, which now I really must do.

    Too bad that Mo-jo isn't bottled, I'd just order a six-pack and have at it!

  4. Heat alone makes me "melt" - soon, hopefully we'll either have "Summer" or maybe a Wonderful Crisp, Bright Fall! That will improve you spirits & probably the horses too!