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July 26, 2011

Have you read about the pricing on Euro's

I guess I should have kept mine so I could turn a profit on it.  This is ridiculous.

Price will increase for Specialized Saddles and Accessories as of August 15, 2011.
Eurolights will go from $1349 to $1695

Trailmasters go from $1549 to $1895

Internationals go from $1849 to $2495

Featherweight Trails from $1750 to $2295

Ranch Versatilitys from $1950 to $2350

Wade Saddles from $1950 to $2350

Barrel Saddles from $1950 to $2350

Sorry people.  They are nice saddles for some, but plainly just not worth that kind of money (to me as I can't ride it).   The price of things for horses has just gone crazy.  If you are wanting one before the price jump Trailwise is offering some deals on them.  I wouldn't recommend buying direct from the company, you'll want the customer service a dealer will give you.

Pricing on horse gear (and everything else I guess) has gone up, and up, and up.  My original Skito only six or seven years ago $80 today $220.  That is almost a 200% increase.  Fuel from a couple bucks a gallon to at times pushing the $5/gal. margin.  Ride entries have so far gone up a little, but not so much as other things related to going to a ride (fuel, food, horse chow, etc.)

I think the equine market is really getting gouged with a sharp stick.

What I really find astounding is a $385 dollar saddle (including the shipping!) is fitting the horse just fine.  I'm riding without any discomfort.  So for me a cheap little Abetta in my case has the better ride.  That is reasonable, even cheap to spend.  Even if they don't hold up or you run over it with the truck, you can afford to replace it and not feel like you should lay under the trailer tires.
Excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag.  I can't even say why this makes me as mad as it does...maybe (per Dr. Phil) I have the warrior gene.

If my easyboots shoot through the roof I may just have to invest in a prescription, or steel shoes.
Geez Lou........ise.


  1. That is really out of control. I was getting emails about getting a Specialized before the prices increased but didn't bother to check out the true reality...and yeah, wow, major price gouging!! I paid $1500 for my used Ameri-Flex panel saddle and I have used it heavily on 4 different horses for 3 years now and it has many years left to go. So I definitely understand paying more for quality that will last..but SERIOUSLY. Before I splurged on that saddle I rode quite a few different horses in a little old leather English saddle that was given to me, weighed nothing, and did just fine for a trail guide riding 6 days a week and doing LD rides. I am dreaming of a Specialized saddle some day because I really enjoyed the ride and the fitting system when using them in Utah last year..but that dream just got farther away on the horizon!! And the disgust at those prices made the dream recede a little further as well I must say.

  2. They can ASK whatever price they want to ask. If people pay that price, than I guess it's all good.

    I love my SS, glad I got it 4 years ago when it was significantly cheaper....I intend to use it to my dying day, many many years hence.

  3. I love my trailmaster and have been hoping to get a Eurolight too, but the prices are getting scarily close to that of a true custom fit saddle. Hmmm. I guess they must be selling lots of them even in the slow economy to justify that big of a jump in price.

  4. That is insane!

    Then again, I ride in a 15yo Stubben. Its comfortable enough for me. Mika seems to like it okay (if he doesn't like a saddle (or girth, or whatever), he'll buck and/or rear and act like a crazy thing until the offending piece of tack is removed. I bought it off Craigslist for $350 a couple years ago. I'll probably get it re-flocked next summer and get the billets replaced, but it looks good enough to still show in. My "nicer" saddle is a 10yo Stubben dressage saddle I bought off Ebay for $300.