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July 13, 2011

The Easyboot Wides

I called Easycare concerning placing an order for the Easyboot W's.  They are not available.  Fit kits will be available in about a week....the W's in the glove not until the end of summer :(  I could have her shod in the front but her hoofwall is very thin and I'm trying to build hoof through barefoot movement.

So there goes Journey getting in one ride this season.



  1. I guess the limited quantities went fast.

  2. Did you try fitting her with the regular width Gloves? Sometimes it works even when it isn't supposed to. I have a horse with really wide feet too (wider than long), and Gloves actually do fit him. Though it seems to require that I put a fairly strong bevel right around the hoof (which had the additional advantage of getting rid of some mild flaring that was hanging on).

  3. I just placed an order for 1.5W Gloves. What size does Journey need? I think the lady said they had 40 Wides left...The boots would ship the first week of August.

  4. I just ordered 1.5W Gloves. What size does Journey need? The lady said they had 40 Wides left in this first batch. The boots should ship the first week of August.

  5. Have you looked into the renegades? Perhaps worth a try, they are more expensive but I love them. I used the gloves religiously until I got my horse and his feet are wider than long so got the renegades with the cutback option and absolutely love them. Two boot losses only in about 2 months of riding and that was the day after a fresh trim. They are awesome. Worth a try!