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July 11, 2011

Decking out the Royal Spotted One

So the lovely and beautiful Euro leaves here this afternoon.  I'm happy, mad, disgusted, and just glad not to deal with my physical issue anymore (which is still pretty darned miserable a week later thank you).   I'll skip the specifics. But anyway, I think I'm going to just go ahead and put her into an Abetta Endurance.  I've used that saddle before on Puddin' when we were doing tons of miles.  Weighs fifteen pounds so easy to sling on and off, and the measuring wire indicated it should be a pretty good fit.  I thought about another Crestridge as it has been my all time favorite saddle, but their light version is on another tree, and I just don't want to chance having a rise problem again.  You can dump a lot of money on a saddle only to discover you or your horse aren't loving it.  I know the Abetta will work for me as I rode 2000 miles in my last one.  Not trendy...not expensive...but I will modify it.  We will be putting a wear leather over the codura where the leathers (yes, leathers) slide,  1 1/2 leathers, caged stirrups (some people hate these but my feet are pretty small and want to slip through the endurance stirrups otherwise).  I'll add enough dee rings to make your head twirl around.  I am going to order an inch bigger seat than I used to have.  Figure one inch bigger won't blow me out of the water and might give me more overall comfort. 

Now onto the real point of this post.
What color looks the best on Journey?  I'm leaning towards turquoise or a chocolate brown?  What thinks ye?


  1. turquoise would look killer on her!

  2. Do you prefer a natural look or do you want to be seen?

    Natural - I agree with the chocolate brown or even burgandy (sp?).

    WOW look - The orange is nice.

  3. Yes, I like the orange, too! Or the turquoise. I think you'd be happiest with a bright color.

    Chocolate looks good on her, but I suspect you would not like how "boring" it would be. would clash with your zebra tights :-)

  4. I vote for the burgandy or wine color. So pretty on that color horse! Of course I may be a bit partial since that's what I rode my roan appy in. ;) He looked handsome!

  5. I think the lavender with the chocolate brown would be a killer combo on her. Feminine, but not over the top :)

  6. ORANGEEE!!! I know where you can get some pretty spectacular war paint...

    :) Or turquoise

  7. Wide boots are in limited stock. Saw this and thought of you:

  8. Its endurance. Go for the obnoxious! Turquoise!

  9. Did someone say chocolate???