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July 11, 2011

All hell broke loose here today

I came home to find my electric fence line down, a steel gate bent and smashed, and three very stressed looking sweaty horses.  My first thought was oh ....frantic, is someone hurt?   I checked them over and other than sweated up bad, they were okay.  But someone took out a steel gate :(        I cold hosed all of them, and then went to investigating.  My electric fence was down because some briars on the woods side had grown onto it and grounded it out.  That was exacerbated by J's yearling stud colt getting out.  Yes, stud colt, in my fence, with my mares.  He is very little, I can only hope that doing the thing was not an option.  Doug told me there was a black and white horse out just before I left for work.  My daughter has an elderly old black/white paint horse in the back, and with my fences working and two gates between him wasn't much of an issue.  I called her as I left from work and told her when she got home to chase him down.  The back field is surrounded by brush and woodlands, and there wasn't really anywhere for him to go...but it turned out it was the colt from J's house had come up the logging road.  So much for assumptions.  Still if the fence had not shorted it would have kept him out, and mine in.  What a mess.    He's a pony sized yearling and by the looks of things a big fight broke out.  My grandson had put my horses back when I got home and bent the gate back up enough to shut it.  This is the first time in seven years that my horses have got out or ran into anything. 

I'm just glad they are okay.

We are having an extreme heat emergency here and guess who's been out cutting down briars?

Crap.  Gotta cool off and go back out in a bit and check the other lines.



  1. That's scary stuff. Nothing like a loose horse to make them lose their minds. Glad everyone is ok.

  2. EG, Glad everyone was safe! But I know you were terrified when you first came home- what an adventure!