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June 13, 2011

I have to describe this horse's color on the blasted form...

Ummm....polka dot with blaze?  I haven't got a freaking clue!  She was born a bay filly with a white blanket.  She has changed over the years to having a grey face with white blaze, kept the black socks, all the bay went to white (does that mean she's grey in Appaloosa terms?), and her white spots went away and now she has dark bay spots on her rump while the front of her looks flea bitten like an arab.  Her ears are bay with white spots, and her mane and tail are white.  So is the front of her a grey arabian and her ears and rump Appaloosa?  *LOL*  Maybe I should just send the registry pictures...yeah, lots of pictures.  I wonder if her face will grey the rest of the way out? ~E.G.


  1. Most people call that "leopard", but I don't think that's an official term for it. I think officially she'd be a roan blanket with spots. Don't quote me on that though, I was just looking at the Appy website and guessing!

  2. Personally - I love "polka dot with blaze!!!" How can the Registry argue that? Perfect in it's description! She sure is cute!!

  3. If you're seriously asking, I'm pretty sure ApHC would call that bay varnish with blanket. AERC would call it appaloosa (and leave it at that!) :)

  4. She's a bay roan appaloosa I believe :-)

  5. I'd just call her beautiful. Can't wait for more pictures. Do you have "baby" pictures?