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May 5, 2011

USTA to present Standardbred Endurance Award

USTA to present Standardbred Endurance Award

"Tuesday, May 03, 2011 - by Jessica Schroeder, U.S. Trotting Association Outreach
Columbus, OH --- The USTA’s Standardbred Equine Program has teamed up with the American Endurance Ride Conference to present the “Standardbred Endurance Award” for 2011. The award will be given to the Standardbred that has the most miles ridden during the season (Dec. 1, 2010–Nov. 30, 2011).
All rides will be considered, including the limited distance 25-35 mile rides, and standard endurance rides (50-plus miles)."
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Wouldn't it be fantastic if AERC would enter into agreements with all the major breed registries?  It would level the playing field of endurance that you could compete against your breed of choice.  The only other breed associations I know of currently that offer any kind of award to their distance horses are the Appaloosa and Saddlebred Associations.   It especially excites me that they are giving Limited Distance the okay too.  Go STANDIES!


  1. I don't think the AERC really has much to do with it; it's more a question of getting the breed registries interested in awarding an endurance prize. The TWHBEA used to give out a minor award for endurance miles, but they decided nobody cared and dropped it.

    I hope Aarene wins the USTA award! But I think there's some high-mileage STBs already out there. :)

  2. I think that the AERC's position in these would be just to make it known to their ridership. I think it is super cool that a few of the breed registries are beginning to recognize distance riders, especially commendable in non-traditional breeds, as those horses often need more careful management than their arabian counterparts. I too would LOVE TO SEE FIDDLE be the one!

  3. Heh heh heh, I started pestering the USTA for this kind of award before I even GOT Fiddle! (uh, cuz I *knew* I'd get another endurance standie eventually).

    I am thrilled about the existance of the award...and if I don't win it this year, maybe I'll win it next year!

    >>happy butt dance<<

  4. ...this makes Ozzy's lameness that much more devastating.

  5. This is so exciting to have this award. My Eli has 155 endurance miles and 255 LD miles total since I adopted him from New Vocations. Good luck to everyone this year.