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May 27, 2011

SL Joint? OHHHHHHHHHH SI Joint *LOL* Too funny!

Now I need to websurf hunter's bump!  I looked all over for SL *LOL*  I was thinking suspensory ligament??? The joint???? Then when I realized you meant SI *ding ding ding! Sacroiliac.  I will look at that tomorrow.  Is that only evident when the horse is in motion or at rest too? 


  1. Forgive me, but I'm confused by what you're looking at in the picture? And I'm unfamilar with the SL joint. I know someone mentioned the SI joint in the comments to the previous post; that's located in the croup area. That's where Huck had his injury, the muscles supporting the SI joint.

  2. LOL! That was why I was asking. I thought she was meaning the suspensory ligament (and pastern joint capsule) SL not SI (I take it that is sacroiliac? Yes? No? now that makes sense ☺

    I'm glad I don't have a mouth full of coffee, it would have been all over the screen.

  3. Star has a " jumpers hump" and shes never jumped a fence a day in her life. She gets chiro three times a year and that keeps in in check .My mae is a conformation train wreck if you will, but I loves her anyway!

  4. Yeah... sorry bout that :-) SI is Sacro-Iliac. Could be the little mare is just very goose-rumped. That can kind of look like a hunter's bump in pics sometimes. What I'm looking at is the sort of pointy lump on the top of her hind end just behind the saddle. I'm wondering if she has a bit of a weak loin too, from the looks of the way the back of the saddle is sitting.

  5. The arab gelding I rode for 8 years/2,000 miles had a recurring "hunter bump" which was prominent when his spine was out of whack; he needed chiro 4-5 times a year (minimum) to keep him moving correctly.

    So...not a "strike out" necessarily, but something to consider.