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May 26, 2011

The Epic Horse Hunt: Part 4

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

I have several horses on the burner.  Like what I've heard about this one.  She is 11 which isn't a deal breaker, but I'd have rather been looking at 7.  She is under saddle, not spooky, likes to go, gaits, and has been used for the past two years to pony the owners child over trails on their 200 acre farm.    The owner says she is only 14 hands, but that is a man sitting on her.  She doesn't look large, but she doesn't look quite that small either.  Comparable to me on Phebes I think.  She is barefooted, but she is bitted.  I have nothing against bitting a horse, except that I've never done so really, and not sure about how to use my hands...I'm used to some contact.  I also don't know if a horse can or will gait in a hackamore.  I like her compact build.  She's off in another state...but not as far away as the last one I looked at.  More people are using the gaited horses for the sport, and a good mind would be an awesome change. We'd just need a coggin's to bring her home.

There is still the arabian mare to look at on Saturday morning.  She's definitely still a wild card though.  They just don't know much about her since they purchased the horse and didn't really ride her.   This makes her background and training pretty sketchy.  But she needs a home, so I'm going to give her a look, but have doubts I'll bite.  She'd have to really be something!

                                              7 yr arab gelding

The gelding of my dreams is sitting in my inbox.  15 hand burning hunk of loveliness. His condition isn't so bad like they said if these pictures are accurate.  He's thin, but just thin.  I've seen endurance horses way thinner than this guy.  He's tall, racy, leggy, and  his legs super nice and straight!  He's about an hour and a half drive away.  I'd like to look, but unless they can negotiate the price...I'm gonna just have to keep on "dreamin."  He's probably worth the asking price, but I want to be sure I have a barn full of hay come winter.  I can do that with the price of two of the horses, but I'd be stretching thin if I purchased the lovely arab.


  1. Squeee, the KMSH is super cute! If you go look at her -get the owner to show you how he rides her and gets her to gait. Yes, she'll gait bitless or in a snaffle, but it might be a new skill that you'll need to teach her. Once you know how he does it, you can start moving her over to your way of doing it.

    She's so cute. And so short! Eleven's not old - how long are you intending to ride your horse if all goes well? Hmm? It's not like you're a reiner who has to retire them at 15 or something. :)

    The arabs are cute too but I just don't know anything to talk about with arabs :)

  2. Wish you were closer to FL. One of our rescues just took in a bunch of arabs and arab/qh crosses.

  3. I vote for the gaited mare. I've never owned, but have always loved riding gaited horses.

  4. That little mare is very very cute. Two things I'd watch out for... black (or very dark) non-Arabs are significantly harder to manage in the heat (I have a black Standardbred who is wonderful but requires vast quantities of electrolytes to get through a hot ride). And I would want to check that mare's SI joint. She looks like she might have a bit of an old injury there. Could be just the photo though.

  5. I should probably have spelled that out... Sacro-Iliac joint. It's behind the saddle. The highest point of her hind end. There is what looks like an enlargement there. Also known as "hunter's bump". It tends to cause intermittent hind end lameness and/or sore back problems if it's not completely stable. I have an Arab boarded here who is permanently retired at 10 years old as a result of an SI injury.