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May 6, 2011

Had a consultation with a performance vet today

I spoke to her about Phebe's history, training, and the two tye-ups.  She questioned me extensively about my management practices, her feeding and supplement regimine.  It all boiled down to this:

"What you are doing is what I would have recommended for you to do...there really isn't any other ways to manage it except to make sure the horse is exercised every day."

She suggested I put Phebes back into slow work, and inch things up.  But to also know that she could do this anytime, especially in light of the second incident.  So I feel that I've made the right decision, but I really needed a professional opinion.  I do believe that Phebes could do pleasure work without any kind of health issue, as we did not encounter any problems when I was riding even up to 20 miles at a slow trot.  I need two horses like I need a hole in my head, but won't be able to follow my dream unless I do it.

There have been so many kind offers of various horses.  However, until I can see and ride the Sweeps gelding, I'm going to put any other decision on hold.  For whatever reason, he resonates with me the most, costs the upper limit of what I'm able to pay,  and of course is the farthest drive away *LOL*.  I just hope nobody snatches him before I can get a look at him.  If I go with him, my ride season is pretty well down the tubes, as I'll be back into  training a horse again.  But I could attend some rides, volunteer, and teach him to camp, and pleasure ride the trails in the evenings.  But of course I have not even seen the horse yet, and have not ridden him.  All a big old maybe... I'm keeping other possible options open, but want to see this horse first. ~E.G.

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