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May 15, 2011

And Re-habbing Continues

Phebes continues to do alright in the days post tie-up.  She was ridden on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.   Yesterday evening after a nice long warm-up, heart in throat we cantered up a hill.  She was somewhat under stress as we were working on our own property which means she hears Big Cree screaming his head off like his throat is being cut because I stole his mare.  This causes a lot of jigging and nose pinching  on her part, which later cascades into head twirling, head flipping, and being more or less an equine "twit."  There was also a thunderstorm brewing and the sound effects were not lending themselves to a calm and centered session.  We walked back home and as we approached the road she did this incredible side spook.  It had rained on the road and the road looked different *sigh*.   So I get her home and pull her saddle and check the rump, and it is nice and soft.  I massage her deep and she stretches out her neck as it apparently feels good to have your rump rubbed.   

On another note her supplement came in the mail today.  I've read a lot of good stuff about using it.   The stuff is given good reviews by race people who deal in young fillies that tie-up.  It surely can't hurt to try.  The veterinarians have no concrete answers...nobody even knows for sure why young mares want to tie-up.  Some theories, but no real answer. 

It is nice to see her feeling better, and I've noticed she is more active in the pasture now too.  

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  1. I'm curious, since young mares seem to have this problem more often if having a mare spayed would affect their tendency to tie-up? I've never read anything about that but do they think hormones are contributing?