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April 20, 2011

Jennifer @ Windy-Withers makes these...

I so wish I had enough of Puddin's hair to have one...I'm not sure my little hunk from her tail would we long enough.  But this is beautiful.   Will have to dig out my zippy bag and measure the length.

For more info contact information:

 Jennifer and Sera'

5925 Norwaldo Ave.

Indianapolis, In 46220



  1. Jenn is phenomenal and has helped me out with rescues in the past. Good person to have in your arsenal :) Her jewelry is beautiful and she's the only one I'd commission to do one of these.

  2. Hehe.. Ive moved to our own farm in the last month :)

    They can contact me at aynesj at

    Thanks for the plug!!

  3. oh and you'd be surprised what I can do with limited hair left....