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April 22, 2011

It rained for seven days and seven nights...

                                                   And the water keeps rising.

No I'm not quoting some short version of the biblical flood.  It rained last Saturday, some more on Monday, and Tuesday, then Wednesday.  Thursday didn't want left out, so it rained a little that night too.  Today is Friday and it rained ALL DAY.  The forecast for the next five days?  Guess what...RAIN.  They are saying three more inches this weekend.  My furbies are wading in mud again.  We are not riding, and are off schedule again.  Nor have we tested the seat on the Specialized because it is blue suede and would get spotted in the RAIN and mud, and in case I need to sell it to someone with a smaller hind end, I'm trying to keep it nice and clean, and unspotted.    The creeks are flooded.  The ground is so saturated that we are getting standing water.  I live on a hill top and it is still a slogging awful mess.  Wet horses, muddy horses, over it horses.  Deep breath.  Rant over.  At least for today.  ~E.G.


  1. Sounds about like us - I can't believe the awful weather this spring - I guess it has to end someday!

  2. sounds like you better start building the arc!!

  3. Um, trying hard to muster sympathy. Failing horribly at the attempt to muster sympathy, but trying hard....

    We got sunshine today...after the rain stopped. We're on day 70+ of rain in a row. I remember there was bright sunshine for a single day in January, before that I think it might have been September, no foolin'!