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April 22, 2011

Endurance Blurbs: SUPER FIBERS

Super Fiber

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"A super fiber is a roughage feed that has more digestible energy than typical forage. Did you know that beet pulp, almond hulls ,and soy hulls are 80% and 75% digestible and that these super fibers can supply 30-70% of your horse’s energy requirements? Yes, you can fuel the fire with cereal grains, but super fiber is safer to feed. super fibers are also ideal for horses that have difficulty maintaining weight. Super fiber can be especially important to the equine athlete asked to perform at moderate speeds for long distances such as endurance horses. In addition to being a steady energy source for horses, super fibers help maintain intestinal health. Consumption of fiber can increase water intake, creating a holding tank of water and electrolytes in the hindgut. This reservoir may prevent dehydration and electrolyte depletion during an exercise bout. Endurance horses, for instance, have only limited time to eat during a ride. An appetizing, fiber-rich meal, such as a slurry made of beet pulp, wheat bran, and grain, can supply the horse with sufficient energy and water to remain competitive."


  1. I like the new background!

    I wish my stupid horse would eat wet stuff. She won't touch soggy food - she ate some mostly-dry BP at the vet check and that's the closest I've ever seen her coming to eating soaked feed. I love the idea of BP, and I've had horses that liked it, but not this one.

    I'm a little hesitant to feed bran. It seems like it really cleans them out, and I think that's the last thing you'd want to do to your horse at a ride. Plus it's too high in something - calcium, I think?

  2. Don't quote me on it...but I think wheat bran can throw off the phosphorus ratio. Pretty sure if you stick with beet pulp or soy hulls you don't have that issue. I'm lucky that Phebes was raised from a baby on a daily evening mash. Not much too it and she has all night to eat it as I stall her overnight (helps her keep weight on). She gets a couple of pounds of dry beet pulp shreds, a couple of pre-soaked alfalfa cubes (for flavor), a half cup of Horse Shine for fats, and a pound of her dry feed. It goes in her feed bucket and gets topped off with water. She especially enjoys sticking half her head down in the bucket and blowing bubbles which is pretty funny. Usually by morning 90-100% is gone. Our last LD she ate her mash overnight, which I feel really helps to get fluids into the gut.

    Have you tried adding something really tasty to it, like a half pound (or even a cup or so) of sweet feed?

  3. p.s. Sometimes I dice carrots and apples and add to it. Apple juice would sweeten it too. She's got to like something. Right? ( I know, mine can be tempermental and fussy too.)

  4. I really should keep trying. Maybe her newfound appetite will help? I've tried honey drizzled on top and carrots/apples. She daintily picks the good stuff out of the wet grossness.

    I wish I could leave it out overnight, but the damn goat would eat it. With my luck he wouldn't even die from it. I've left wet food for her overnight at rides - I just have to clean the bucket out at 5 am to give her edible dry food. Sigh.