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March 12, 2011

We had a nice spring weather ride

We did about thirteen miles today.  This was Phebes first solo ride out at the park since November.  We had one spin back when  big flapping bird came out of the brush, and I came off, but landed on my feet.  Haven't quite figured out the mechanics of how that happened yet!  But otherwise she trotted along, and cantered some short stretches, walked the downhills, and it was a nice ride.  When we got back to the trailer she refused food and refused water.  She never wants anything until after the tweny mile mark so hopefully as we stretch our distance up over the next two weeks we'll take care of that.  Because of that though, I decided to call it a day, threw a light blanket on her and headed home.  Soon as I turned her out she ran to the mud, rolled and made herself nasty, jumped up and cantered to the water trough, tanked up, and then cantered back to the front lot where we'd opened up a little patch of grass for them.  So much for my "tired" horse.  So we will get in some hills tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like it was a good ride day.

  2. What a great day for you both.. glad you landed on your feet too! Now I am living vicariously through your spring riding...

  3. EG, what a great ride you had! Well, except for your fall, but to land on your feet - amazing! Please teach the rest of us how to do that! It seems Phebes enjoyed her work also. Good girl!