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March 11, 2011

Fencing the temporary pasture

Although we live on about twenty-five acres, we only have about three or so fenced and in grass.  The rest is wooded, briared, brush, and wildness.  My access to the back of our place involves me either going along the neighbor's hay field, or dropping the electrobraid fence on our temporary  pasture and then riding through with the horses blowing because they "know" there should be a hot wire there, and it is surely going to eat them.  I had intended on moving that fence line over last fall, but the ground after a long drought was hard as concrete and not conducive to driving steel posts by hand.  The sun was out today, and though nippy...I got to thinking with this soft mushy ground those steel posts should drive like butter and they did.  I have one side done but will have to get some more of the t-posts and caps to finish the other three sides.  Even if I don't the fence line is now permanent on one side which means I can ride through a two car wide dirt road to the back now without getting on the neighbor's hay field.  My neighbor has been really good about his property lines, but when it is muddy like this the horses leave ruts and holes, and I'm the type to respect the privilege given to me and won't ride there unless the soil is firm.  I will need LSEGH to do his magic on the gate handles as the electrobraid is now too long to hook the gate.  Once he shortens it up on the handle we'll be good to go.

"Talk to the butt."
Disclaimer:  No horses were injured in the making of these drawings.


  1. I'm enjoying the artwork, must have started while I was on hiatus. Funny how the horses know there should be a hilt wire there!

  2. Jacke,
    Sounds like you make great progress on the fencing! That will be a good addition to your usable land. Love the artwork and your humor!