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March 25, 2011

If you are local and would like some unusual iris plants...

I'm out digging in the garden today.  Still trying to eliminate the commercial beds which are surrounding a demolition project that needs done...but OH THE IRIS PLANTS!  Many of these I crossed myself, and would love to see them scattered about the state in loving "forever" homes.

Sadly...the markers have been pulled, but they are pushing there lovely heads through the ground and I enjoy sharing them with others as they are my "creation" of sorts. Those I've not bred were purchased because I wanted to use them as a parent plant, or sell from the commercial beds when I was in business.  My bones can't keep up with an acre of iris plants anymore, the shoveling in 90+ degree times, and all that goes with it.  So if you want to drive over and do some digging, let me know.    Just be warned, this place is kind of like the old sitcom "green acres" only without Arnold the pig. ~E.G.


  1. You have some truly lovely varieties!

  2. You are KILLING me, here. I'm about to check flights and come visit -- with an extra suitcase. ;) Iris have been my favorite FAVORITE flowers since I was a kid. I hope you get to keep plenty for yourself, even though you're giving up the commercial beds.