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March 15, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Today's ride is literally a wash.
I mean...I could put on a slicker and slide down some hills.
But no...not feelin' it.
On a happier note, the fit kit came today for the Specialized.  So I've measured, measured again, and again...until LSEGH finally said, "it ain't rocket science", and I quit.  It uses the Wintec easy measure device for the front of the saddle.  She unfortunately was almost OFF THE CHART, literally...her measurement came to where the gray zone meets never never land.  So I guess you'd say gray +.  She is also the fattest shape she will be in for the year.  She will trim down some between now and the end of season.  I used the bendy tool to also get a look at the shape of her topline and it is very flat, and her measurement towards the cantle of the saddle is very wide and round.   Me being the worry wart that I am, I'm afraid if they fit it to her now, will it still fit later?   At any rate, I'm sending it on to Specialized tomorrow.  Hoping like crazy I can get it enough ahead of Chicken Chase that I can do some pre-riding in it and get used to the different feel, tweak out any fitting issues, and get all my gear readjusted to hang off it. 


  1. ditto on the artwork! Just wanted to tell you that I just got my specialized order. You can see my recent post on it at my site but I don't think you should worry...I got a good fit on Maggie ,who I would bet dollars to doughnuts is wider than Phebes. Their new wider tree is pretty wide.

  2. Oh- almost forgot- your worry about fitting later .. Maggie is at her heaviest as well. You have to remember, there is a lot of adjustment with the saddles and pads.

  3. They say the saddle fit changes as the horse's body changes. If she's going to slim down, then she's going to change. Not what you wanted to hear I know.

    Trying to keep up with a good fit makes me crazy. I hope you do better at it than I have. I am still looking for the right fit for my horse.

  4. I'm so excited for you, getting the saddle you've been lusting after for quite some time. I hope once you get it you take pictures of it all set up on Phebes. Can't wait to see it.

    I too like the artwork!

  5. Don't you want your saddle to fit your horse at her fattest? I always heard that you can pad a too-big saddle if necessary, but you can't do squat about a too-narrow saddle.

  6. Funder, you are probably correct. I was thinking backwards, and the shims would fill in gaps, so the important thing will be to get it wide enough!

  7. Variations in my horse is why I LOVE my theraflex air pad. It literally makes micro adjustments EVERY time I saddle my horse. And it is as easy as turning the air valves to release a little air. Then I leave the valves open in between rides and it refills itself. If I need any major adjustments, I can add/remove shims. Doc has told me that this is the saddle pad for him. He is super finicky about saddle fit and saddle pads.

    Hope this new system will work out for you! It is such a relief when you find something that works for you AND your horse!

  8. I have to tell you the Specialized has been a blessing and a curse, because it gives me the freedom to constantly second-guess myself!

    The best advice I've gotten on the subject is this: Even if the fit isn't perfect, you can always move the shims around to make it wrong in a different way. At least then you aren't hitting the same sore spot on every ride.