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February 4, 2011

Winter will eventually end...right? Foaming at the mouth to ride...

Metaphorically speaking...has this been the longest winter ever recorded?  We were once again put on the skids with an inch or so of ice.  My husband fell twice yesterday trying to walk on it, once at home, and once at work.  I've had a couple close calls with my feet skittering underneath, and arms flailing above to hold on to a tenuous state of balance on the incline of our icy driveway.   SO OVER IT.

We've had one of the toughest winter here as far as snow and ice that I can remember in years.  Soon as it breaks we will schedule for our clinic / evaluation ride and go from there. I'm so anxious to get her back under regular work again.  I'm looking forward to lessons as I enjoyed them so much the last time we did it, and it was extremely helpful.   Now if Old Man Winter would just pack it up and go.... GO ALREADY!


  1. Yes! Get old man winter OUT of here!! Or at least make him calm down a little...

    Good news - its staying lighter longer, so any day now, it'll be spring!

  2. A product suggestion for you:

    We got the "pro" version, they strap over shoes, boots, whatever and give REAL traction on slick ground. Can't do without 'em when the Swamp freezes up!

  3. I feel for you. Definitely take AareneX's advice and get the ice cleats. We deal with ice like you are experiencing every winter here. It really stinks. Makes it scary as heck with the horses as well. I guess we can keep our fingers crossed that the dirty bushy tailed rat is really right this time and there isn't 6 more weeks of winter...God help us if there is!

  4. Just found your blog yesterday - great posts, and it remindered me of last year here in the Netherlands.

    the summer will come -