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February 3, 2011


They are finally here!  The long awaited Zebra tights made by Evelyn.   The Tights Lady

My ♥husband♥ got these for me for my upcoming birthday ☺

First off Evelyn was great to work with.  We are separated by several hours on our time zones which made getting a phone call worked out a little challenging.  So we worked out a good time for me to call and I ordered my tights.  The price is extremely right as this pair was under $50.00, where can you buy tights for that?  Solid colors are a little less.  I was expecting "home made" tights, but recieved "professionally sewn tights."  They really are that good.  The elastic waistband is wide and flat, as well as high enough that they shouldn't want to creep down.  (I hate the low-rise tights you see everywhere these days, fine for the thin young ladies, but us fuller figured gals???)   There is NO INNER SEAM in the legs.  All the seams are finished. The microsuede leg patches are sturdy and triple sewn so they won't be peeling loose like my last pair of (Kerritts) tights did.  And you know what?  These babies FIT.  I think I could gain 10 lbs (please God NO) or loose 10 and still have a great fit.   I haven't got to ride in them yet, but will as soon as I'm back out there.  No more worries about falling off and nobody spotting me...oh, and she included a matching hair band for free.

Thanks Evelyn!  ~E.G.


  1. ....I need lime green argyle NOW.

  2. OMG I love them!

    I have always wanted purple and red flames.

  3. Ladies I think Evelyn will make just about any color tights you want if she can find the fabric (or you find it and arrange to mail it to her).

    For sure, my next pair will come from her. Way better quality tights for half the usual price.

  4. I've been wearing tights Evelyn has made me for years. She will send fabric samples, or you can find fabric, and send it to her. She has some wonderful cotton tights too. Need to get my hubbys measurements and have a pair made for him. I've teased him I'll ger a stripe with the black and white cow print...he has a B&W pinto. hehe

    Love, LOVE her tights!

    Can't wait to see a pic of you from a ride with your new zebra tights! Cute