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February 27, 2011

We finally had a nice day with some sunshine

No rain on our radar today so we did some slow hill work.  My girl is really out of shape, she was sweated up all over when we came back.  Life has a way of taking over around here from time to time, and this happens to be one of those times.  When I find myself having the "time" or the "weather" to get back on my horse I'm so bogged down emotionally from other stuff that I'm having difficulty finding the motivation.  It was good for me today though to blow off home for the trail, clear out the mental cobwebs, all the while working on head down, head down, head down, with release in between.  It took a lot of repetition to keep her in any sort of relaxed frame.  We just walked and worked at the head set, and climbed some hills.     It is supposed to pour again overnight and again tomorrow, so I don't know if or when we will get back out again.  She had plenty of energy today and I think she could have done 10 moderate miles without any problem, though we just stuck with the task at hand.  ~E.G.


  1. I completely understand this post! We had a rare day of sunshine today and I should have been in the saddle but things from the rest of the week just sapped my inspiration...working on conditioning for an April race; need to find focus and motivation but sometimes it gets overwhelmed!

  2. Glad to hear you got out to ride! Our weather's clearing up, but the trails are terrible (for Nevada). I should suck up and ride in the mudsand. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who keeps "squandering" the good days with problems in the rest of my life...:)

  3. Good session with Phebes. I understand what you mean by other things going on as well, but it's good to have a horse to lean on sometimes. Good work.