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February 22, 2011

Dear Specialized Saddle Company

Where's my fit kit ?

Time is a wastin'.


~Endurance Granny


  1. timeliness = not what SS is good at, unless they've changed stuff dramatically recently. Which I sincerely doubt.

    Are you working with a rep? The cost isn't any higher at your end, and the rep will do all the pestering on your behalf.

    If you don't have a rep yet, I recommend Carol Brand. Tell her I sent you!

  2. I'm purchasing my saddle through Trailwise, but I ordered my fit kit direct from Specialized.

    Does Carol Brand work there at Specialized? Or is she an independent dealer?

  3. Hubby ordered a set for me for Christmas. It only took a week & 1/2 for mine to arrive. Not bad for Christmas time...
    Good luck!! :)

  4. Carol is an indie dealer. Here's the link to the website:

    She does EXCELLENT work with the manufacturer who is, let's face it, a flake. A nice guy, a good product, but very difficult to deal with--Carol knows all the tricks to make the ordering process go smoothly, and believe me, I've heard plenty of stories from people who didn't know the tricks!

    As soon as my tax return $$ lands in my checking account, I plan to call her and ask her to order my PURPLE seat! Then I gotta sell my black one, sigh.

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  6. I started a Yahoo group for Specialized owners. Some good info on there for users, and often you can get info without dealing with the company. It is NOT run by Specialized, but David is a member. Feel free to join.

    I did forward your post to David, and hope he contacted you

  7. I recently sent measurements to David after speaking with Amanda at Specialized. I am considering the Eurolight for Maggie. David emailed me back right away but I didn't bother with the fit kit. I used the process described on the Trumbull Mountain website for taking measurements. It's the same thing and you can use a bendable art wire thingy... that might be something you try. Good luck! I am hoping David will email me back very soon on his thoughts.

  8. I'm working through Trailwise who have been extremely helpful. They responded to my question concerning the status of my fit kit, which is currently out to another customer. So I'm going to have to wait until it becomes available to come to me. Waiting is not one of my "better attributes" so this will be a good exercise in that dept. I guess! Jonna, if you have any luck using the Trumbell Mtn. way of measuring, let me know...~E.G.