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February 22, 2011

Trailer Renovation Country Bumpkin Style

Yesterday LSEGH began some minor renovations in the tack room in my horse trailer which also serves as my primitive living quarters.  I don't like crawling up and down into the nose of the gooseneck where most people would sleep, or the risk of banging my head if I awaken in the night.  So my sleeping arrangement is an old military cot in the tack room.  There was about 18 inches of space under it which would allow me to store some of the smaller stuff under there, but no room for the plastic totes that house most of our stuff.  The idea was to get it off the floor high enough so that I can shove more gear underneath.  That way if I don't happen to be using it for the moment it isn't under foot and clogging up my very limited floor space.  So he fixed that yesterday by elevating it off the floor.  I was able to get my booting tote, gas heater, air tank, camp stove top, and a bucket under there.  I am pretty sure I'll be able to fit my electronics box under there as well.   The second project of the day was to fix a place for a wire line to go across where the horse trailer is divided from the horse area.  We are going to string up a taught clothesline that will hold a curtain.  Then I can open up the back of the horse trailer, clean it out and have my hay, haybags, horse feed, buckets, and saddle rack all back there, and I can just pull the curtain so I don't have to look at all that stuff unless I want it.  This will also give me an area of privacy to possibly assemble a portable solar shower.  I purchased three lightweight plastic see through drawer units that I plan to put all of my "kitchen" type stuff in which should empty up a tote where I can then store my own clothing in a nice dry place.

The other thing I need to do is examine what I have in the horse trailer that is not really necessary.  I have a ton of "stuff" up in the nose and seriously doubt that I need most of it.

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  1. I sleep in my horse trailer too when I travel to horse shows. I have some modifications to do too to make life a little bit easier in that regard.