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February 21, 2011

And Noah built an Ark

Today me and Phebes think we might be needing one too!  The sky opened up this morning and it has not let up all day.  When I came home at 1:00 the creeks were romping and almost out of their banks.  By now I'd say we are in danger of flashflooding.  Thankfully we live on a ridgeline well above the creeks, but that does not make us immune to deep sloggy quagmires of mud, or water backing up into the horse stalls.  So far so good...tomorrow we should be back to snow again.  If this rain had been snow I'd be lucky to have got myself dug out by July!  We are now officially three weeks behind on our training schedule. 

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  1. See? It's raining. You are now excused from keeping up with all your normal blogs. It's raining on you, therefore it's raining everywhere, therefore no one will post. (What do you mean that's not how it really works...)