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January 7, 2011

31 MORE THINGS Expanded

   Since I am blissfully not doing anything else at 6:15 AM this morning I thought I'd try it again.  Some may be a repeat..I'm not going back to look!

1.  I believe that people should be kind and especially to people that have less than you have.  I'm not necessarily meaning only in economic terms, but in general it is more of a gift to give than it is to take.   That said, in distance riding circles please take pity on the person who knows less than you do.  You can help them out a lot through encouraging them through the process. 

2. This is the hole where they found Suddam Hussein, this is my second brother crawling out of the hole where they found Suddam Hussein. He spent a year in Iraq.  He is very funny and loveable (George not Suddam).

3.  I spent 5 years breeding irises for my hobby prior to horses.  I registered Mookie Prance, My Girl Molly, and a few others through the iris registry.  I also made my living part-time with a large iris field growing at times 300 varieties of tall and dwarf irises.  The dwarf varieties were my favorite to work with, and the talls my favorite bloom on earth.  My iris field is now no is an overgrown weed patch and most of the plants have choked out and died.  Makes me sad, but Fibromyalgia and crawling around hand weeding, digging, and separating the plants just no longer was a feasible activity.  I get excited these days if I manage to just keep the grass mowed.

4.  My favorite thing to do at work is transcription for our staff psychiatrist.  I find the whole rhelm of mental illness fascinating.  Not in a morbid sense, but the entire mystery of the brain and the function going chemically haywire is very interesting to me.  Some mental illnesses are very much still not understood, such as visual and auditory hallucinations.  How do you see what isn't there?  How do you audibly hear a sound that does not exist?

5.  I like my coffee.  I'm not supposed to drink it or other caffiene laced beverages, but here I sit with a cup.  I like it black by the way, don't mess with my coffee by adding syrups or flavorings ICK!  Please excuse me while my heart palpatates.

6.  My husband can play the blues.  He does it well...and I'm listening to it right now as I type.

7.  My boxer dog's name is technically "Doodle Too" but in real life we call him Spoody Doo.  Yes, he is this beautiful.

8.  My little mutt dog is a rat terrier mix named Maggie May.  She is a spinning and skipping dog.  She spins when she is happy, she spins when she wants to go out.  When she is outside she skips rather than walk, trot, or run.  It is very amusing.

9.  The square footage of my home is under 1000 square feet.  There are days when i clean that I wish it were 500 square feet.  My living room is the size of a postage stamp and if I could change one thing it would be that, I'd shove the extra 500 square feet in there.

10.  We have too many cats.  I really don't "like" cats.  But even more I don't "like" scrawny starving cats.  People's cats end up here.  I have five that show up for breakfast and dinner.  One is "Stripey"  (photo above) he is three years old and the size of a six month old kitten because he was starved when he showed up here.  His tail was broken so it is kinked sideways.  Catfeil is a big yellow cat that was so weak when he showed up as a kitten that he was staggering.  Mama Cass is so fat she looks like a raccoon and I had her spayed...she belonged to the neighbor, who never figured it out thank goodness.  She was the cat producing some of the extra hungry kittens which also originated from my neighbor and which were also neutered.   We have two new females  which I now will need to find the dollars to have spayed  or rehome a.s.a.p.  Did I mention that we have too many cats?  Did I mention that I don't really "like" cats?  Did I mention there are five fat ones on the back porch? Do you want a lovely calico female?

11.  We have had a porch opossum for about two years now.  As opossums can cause a terrible horse disease he needs captured and released.  The possum probably weighs 50 lbs now and eats a lot of generic cat food.  He lives under the porch, and I haven't come up with a plan for capture yet.

12.  It is not unusual to find a raccoon on the back porch.

13.  My back porch is problematic for attracting things that eat.

14.  I spend entirely too much time on the computer. This post alone solidified that theory.

15.  I used to have a waist.  Ten years ago.  These days I have a sense of humor. Yes...that is me in a snow bank.  Ten years ago, when I still had a waist.  As you can see the sense of humor was intact along with my waist, back then.

16.  My nickname when I married my husband was "Springer" now twenty years later it is "Squirrel."  I long for the "Springer" days but have come to acceptance that "Squirrel" is probably closer to the truth.

17.   Pie or cake?  Pie or cake?   mmmmmm....PIE.  Which is in direct correlation to my waist line.  The choice should be pie or carrot stick.  I should choose carrot stick.

18.  My second toe is way longer than my big toe.  If I fit shoes to fit the long toe the shoes are too loose and rub at the heel.  If I fit them to my big toe, the long toe is crunched.

19.  Ring size is 7.  When I was engaged to my husband it was a 5.  Since I have broken the ring finger?  Who knows what I'll end up with.

20.  I can rarely sit still through a television program unless it involves the paranormal, then I'm irrationally glued to it.

21.  I detest reality t.v.   I get enough reality in real life thank you.

22.  My oldest brother is probably a genius.  The gene did not trickle down to me the youngest.  He has top secret clearances, we have no idea what he does for a living.  He can't tell us.  It has been this way for thirty years.  That is him in his experimental aircraft which he built in his spare time. 

23.  My natural hair color was auburn.  Back in the day.  Now it is very dark and peppered grey. 

24.  My eye color is hazel.  My eyes look brown until you take a closer look, and they are actually "forest" green with a brown burst around the pupil.  I'm also allergic to cosmetics, molds and pollen as you can see in the red rimmed eye.  Lovely isn't it?

25.  Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of my ancestors. Her brilliance did not trickle down the gene pool either.  I probably spelled her name wrong.

26.  I am fearful of deep water, snakes, and pigs.  If I had to experience all three at the same time I simply wouldn't make it.

27.  I have two unbelievably beautiful daughters. 

28.  An equally beautiful grandaughter.

29.  Wild and crazy and lovable grandsons.

30.   A musically talented husband, nephew,  and bearded third brother (above) who might be a redneck (but a lovable redneck), brother-inlaw, and long ago I used to church, at funerals, and on the back porch. I have stage fright.  I love progressive blue grass.

31.  And!!!  Mom may be released from the hospital either today or tomorrow!!!

Have a happy day ♥   ~E.G.


  1. What fun :) Your family is beautiful!

    4 - have you read Oliver Sacks' books? He writes beautiful case studies of people with weird neurological conditions. It'd be right up your alley.

    17 - cake. I don't bake cakes because I eat them til they're gone. I have absolutely no self control about a good homemade cake.

    31 - YAY MOM!

  2. Jacke, Wonderful sharing! I share your love for coffee, and laugh at your jokes about your family gene pool! You are a character - that's from the gene your siblings didn't get!! :) Love the photo of your mom - hoping for her continued recovery from surgery!