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December 26, 2010

What about our personalities make us distance riders?

Or is it more accurate to say distance riders have certain attributes? Even among distance riders it is safe to assume their are different "kinds" of distance riders. Now the conversation becomes dangerous.

The Narcissist: This rider will race, highly competitive, though sometimes tunnel visioned,riding point A to point B as fast as they can. Who they beat today is primary. This group will hang together as they are racing each other.

The Planner: This thoughtful type of rider really doesn't have a "goal" they have a plan. What's the difference you might ask? Well, plotting the plan, and carrying out the plan, is probably more fun than the actual distance ride itself. They will have many training miles in comparison to actually competing. May get so caught up in planning that they forget to actually show up and compete. (sound like anybody you know?). They will likely hang out in their horse trailer at rides strategizing (ie. planning) the next day (or the current day).  You will find "notes" in their horse trailer. 

The Goal-E:
It is all about setting goals, and getting those goals accomplished. This rider is structured, and looks for incremental challenge and improvement with each ride season. They make good mentors.

The Plodder: This rider enjoys the view, I mean really enjoys it, and probably enjoys their ride too as they come in and pick up their turtle award. The don't have much of an agenda other than having a nice day, accruing mileage, and the good meal at the awards dinner. Everyone has to like the Plodder, they are just so nice!

The Nervous Nellie:
This rider is so stressed out that they can't even remember the ride or why they rode the ride. But they come anyway. A cold beer will help them make it through the day.

The Professional: This rider has been doing it so long and so well they are on remote control. Their horse and crew comes in on a truck, and they fly in to ride, and fly back out when they are finished. The rest of ride camp looks at them in awe, and they are akin to have a ROCK STAR in your midst, except for the NEWBIE who will be clueless.

The Newbie: Watch for the look of panic, it makes them pretty easy to pick out of the crowd. When it gets really tough, the eyes may glaze over. You may also notice a chain reaction of things happening in their midst. These riders have the most complex range of emotions on display. A low heart rate can cause squeals of delight, and a warning from the ride vet may send them in search of a Nervous Nellie for fortification.

Who are you?

Take heart though...we are mostly a group of highly likable people with certain ...uh...idiosyncrasies!  That is what makes us so interesting :)



  1. EG, I love your list - it is too funny! (You didn't say which one you are.....:))

    (Thanks for visiting my blog! You are welcome anytime! I may not be an endurance rider but I learn a lot from you on your blog!)

  2. I aspire to be "The Party Girl": the one who shows up a day (or more) early to the ride site in order to relax, assist ride management, scope the trails, and spend some extra time away from home with my pony before, during and after the ride.

    I'm here to enjoy the trails and hang out with my friends and family. Completing is important, but the goal is to have fun. Party girls (and boys) ride from vetcheck to vetcheck, without worrying about standings, points, GPS coordinates, or who is ahead of us on the trail. We take pictures, and talk to other riders along the way. Party girls sing. Their ponies might not arrive at the finish line first, but they do arrive happy.

  3. I feel like I'm the Goal-E, but I also turn very competitive when Ozzy is fit and we're doing LD's. I wonder if I'll be the same as he gets better at 50's. Hrm....

  4. Ha! Party Girl!!! Love it :)

    Jan, grab your horse and come on down. I think I am mostly "The Planner." It is ALL ABOUT THE PLAN with a little of Nervous Nellie, and a whole lot of NEWBIE. OH.......that means I have a split personality. *LOL*

    Dom, maybe you are actually a "wild card".

  5. Fun! Another plodder here with just enough Goal-E thrown in to get the job done. I guess technically I am also a Newbie, but without the panic. I think it helps to have been trail riding for many years and have a pretty steady mount. I'm sure I would be showing more Newbie traits if I had a young green horse. Too bad there isn't a turtle award, because Doc would have gotten it in both of his rides so far. :-)

  6. Lida,

    Our region has turtle awards at least for the rides held at Clark...but you are gonna have to "race" me for it *LOL*

    I'm snowed in too. Can't wait for the spring thaw.


  7. I'm a Plodder, but not a turtle! We plod along at a moderate rate of speed, without too many plans (they'll just fail) or wild ambitions (they'll just change by July). I'm definitely here to have fun.

  8. I've decided there are subcategories as well.

    Subcatagory A: I'm a queen! I'm a queen! Looking down her royal nose (quota is one per ride because if two queens get together OMG!) I'm a queen! No! I'm a queen! God save (me from) the Queen!

    Subcatagory B: Good old boy. These don't show up very often but always interesting if they do. The most interesting I heard of last year left the horse in a dead electric pen and went somewhere else! Truck, and all! Now there can be sub-subcategories of Good Old Boy. They may be married to someone who actually rides the horse and have been relegated to C.R.E.W. (Please note these old boys ARE GOOD).

    Subcategory C : The Eccentrics. No explanation needed, you KNOW who they are. Eccentrics can be exasperating or they can be especially entertaining and likeable depending on how you look at it. Myself, I enjoy the eccentrics, they are mesmerizing...and fun! It's true I will never forget the lady dressed as a bumble bee, NOT EVER!

    Throw the big melting pot of personalities together and have a great day! I am of them by the way, and it is NOT the Queen.

  9. ...should have been "one" of them. Long day. ~E.G.