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December 19, 2010

We continue at a total standstill

We've had quite a bit of snowfall already this season and with the depth of the snow cover I am hesitant to ride her where I can't see what she is stepping into.  After Cree's near disaster injury riding in similar circumstances I want to see where those hooves are stepping.  I do have a short course on our own property that I feel some confidence in, and we will be starting in there after the Christmas holiday.  I've also made contact with a trainer/ clinic giver who I plan to have out for an evaluation so we set a plan for lessons after the New Year.  Much is contingent on road and arena conditions since it is all outdoors.  I may have to rent an indoor arena.  All of that will be dependent on my job sercurity as there are rumblings of another wave of lay-offs within our organization.  Of the three women in our office, my tenure has been the shortest so I am the most likely to meet with employment decapitation.  Actually my entire ride year in 2011 will be very much attached to this one thing.  So we will see!

My last unplanned dismount back in September??? injured my left ring finger.  The reins caught on my finger as I fell because I was trying to hold on to her.  She abruptly jerked them loose and my finger took the full force at the joint.  I was able to use it, but the finger is distorted, bowed, and crooked.  I thought as it healed that it would be better, but it has not.  The medical opinion is that I broke it, and in order to fix it they will have to re-break it and splint it, and I'll have to heal all over again.   I'm not wanting to do this as my job at work is 90% use of the computer which I can't do splinted, which is why I didn't go to the doctor when I did it in the first place.   Getting it fixed will also make me more of a target for layoff if I'm off for any period of time, or non-functional on the job, so I really hesitate to do it.   I'm also three months down the road from the injury and still don't have full function and the use of the finger can be painful if there is any kind of pressure on the joint.  :(

So!  We are bogged down.  When we start I'm starting from the ground for a week prior to going back under saddle.  I've set some target dates for my attempts at the mileage patches.  If we meet our goals we may again shift gears towards some cross training for the months of July, August, and September.  But as before, all is contingent on still being employed.  

LSEGH is bringing in a load of hay by truck today.  Need to get out of my jammies and into some thermal gear.  ~E.G.


  1. EG, You have good plans for the coming year! You are so organized. I'm sorry about your finger, and about the job uncertainty. I know that can really be a major factor in a lot of ways. Hope your finger can hang in there until you learn more about the job prospects....

  2. What happened with Cree in the snow? That's exactly why I don't make my horse go through puddles on the trail just to "keep up her training." Neither of us can see the bottom, and I've seen some terrifying things happen.

    That really sucks about your finger and your job situation. Lots of hugs - wish I had some good advice to go with them.

  3. It was actually Cree in the rain, but the same scenerio you are talking about. He stepped into a little stream that was running hard, and muddy so you couldn't see the bottom. Something we've crossed like a zillion times, and he cut himself deep just above the rear heel where the the bend is when you flex the hoof, and I mean deep. Vet said that if it had been just a tiny deeper he'd have hit a major blood vessel and could have bled out before we could have got help to him (similar to if we cut a radial artery). So I'm really freaked out about walking my mare through snow. You can't see where the rocks are, if a hole has washed out in the trail, it just isn't worth it!

  4. Oh the lay off thing....I really want to keep my job, but if they decide to cut me I hope they wait until about February, at least then I can get plenty of riding in while I'm looking for work. Might as well stay positive!