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December 17, 2010

Regional Differences in Feeding the Endurance Horse

Trends in feeding the American Endurance Horse by Kathleen Crandell

This article is an interesting read of  how endurance performance horses are being fed in the various regions of the country.  Especially insightful is the difference between the choices of the West coast athlete vs. the East Coast Athlete.


  1. It is interesting, but I'd have to question the validity of the results - just WHO participated in answering those questions? Like this: None of the horses in the West Coast or
    Central regions were being supplemented with vitamin E or selenium.

    Almost everybody I know supplements with Se/E!! It's a very common supplement.

    Some of the other stuff also seemed a bit different from what I know about how my friends manage their horses.

  2. The data was collected at clinics put on by KER for 37 riders involved last year with the USET. So the sampling was pretty small, but the data compiled included some of the top horses in the nation. At least that is what I got from it when I read it.

    Would love to see the feeding programs of horses that excel at the sport from other countries. I know we electrolyte heavier than some countries, but I'd expect that is a result of high humidity we have here in the midwest/eastern states.