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December 17, 2010

Coming Soon! The Easyboot Glove W

At long last the wider than long hoof will have a better option for fitting into the Easyboot Glove in their new wide version that has been dubbed "W".   This boot will provide a better fit for the natural hoof that is often wider than it is long, or rounder.  This coupled with the new super slippery gaiters will offer not only better fit, but none of the rubbing issues of old.  No cables to break,  no "tweaking" to get them to fit.  The boot is set to launch Summer of 2011.   Phebes and I are hoping to get the opportunity of testing these boots prior to release.   Link follows:

The Glove W


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  1. The Gloves are great. Good to see them coming out with a wider variety of shapes.