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December 7, 2010

If only.....


 These rockin' tights borrowed shamelessly  from the Equestrian Vagabond, can I have 'em ???? !!!
 This little guy is just about goofy enough if only in a tank top!
The better to see you with my dear...

Throw this over a Skito

Or just buy this!


  1. Just do it! My orange jacket is so bright the barn owner has mentioned it looks like I'm on fire. It "matches" my black and green tack, but best of all is the neon orange horse blanket. While everyone else is wearing sedate brown and green, and their horses wear nice subtle blue-plaid blanket, no one will be missing me! (plus, I have had friends see me from very far away across a field!) In the summer my favorite is a lime/neon sport shirt, so bright it glows in the dark.

    Life is too short to be a conformist...and I'm too old to care any more!

  2. OMG, those pants are sooo over the top. Too funny!!!

  3. but...but...but...

    NO HOT PINK???

  4. Actually you can get some of this stuff in HOT PINK ZEBRA! I left off the helmet cover in zebra, and I found a saddle pad in zebra....I'm about to lose my mind. But more than I want anything are those wicked, wicked tights. I figure if they won't befriend me, at least they WILL KNOW WHO I AM! (and if I'm missing). ~E.G.

  5. Just buy a Zebra! They might be good at endurance. I seen one on Craigslist not too long ago.....

    Michelle Detmer

  6. M.D. Actually I was surfing the web for Zebra semen for I.F. last night. You know that it can run as high as $12,000 with NO LIVE FOAL guarantee? But all kidding aside I think a zebra would be illegal for endurance. Rules state something about a horse, or a mule /donkey hybrid somewhere, I think. I'm not sure if a zebra is classified as "equine." The photos of the hybrid Zorse were amazing though. Think of a tiger....that is how they looked. Some just had the striped legs and were the color of a zebra. The zebra crosses are supposed to be very difficult to train and ride, but after Phebes? Hmmmm....maybe I could *LOL*.

  7. Zebra is among the genus equis, so indeed equine, and legal for the sport. If I buy him, will you train him? I saw a gelding for $700 last night in Texas! It would be "cheaper" to just buy the tights.